Rotomon Ltd. is youthful and growing manufacturer of plastic products located in Kansgasniemi, Finland, midway between Jyväskylä and Mikkeli. Our product range covers wastewater treatment systems, culvert pipes, underdrainage- and rainwater solutions, well products, and quay pontoons. Our central location guarantees rapid and resilient domestic- and international shipments.

In our production we utilize environmentally-friendly and high quality polythene- and polypropylene plastics only. Our products are designed to withstand the cold Nordic circumstances.  The building waste formed in construction site can be recycled or utilized in energy production by burning.

Main products

  • Wastewater treatment systems
    • Cesspools
    • Septic tanks for grey waste water
    • Septic tanks for all waste water
    • Accessories for infiltration- and land filtration fields
  • Drainage of yards and foundations
    • Underdrainage- and rainwater pipes
    • Culvert pipes (main drain pipes)
    • Accessories and wells
  • Cable ducting
    • Cable ducting pipes for data- and power cables
    • Various sizes, stiffness’s, in red and yellow colors
    • Accessories
  • Other
    • Quay pontoons
    • Grit boxes
    • Traffic obstacles

Contact information

Rotomon Oy
Hallitie 26
51200 Kangasniemi

Office:, +358-15-343 340
Sales manager: Petteri Manninen,, +358-440-544 084
Production manager: Perttu Kapanen,, +358-442-938 646